Chapter 4 - Human Capital Equal Employment Opportunity and...

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Human Capital Equal Employment Opportunity and Human Resources Management Types of employment Independent contractor- An independent contractor is a natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement. Temporary employees- usually employed by a temporary employment agency that the employer is contracted with. Not an actual employee, but can be determined as one if they have been at the company for a substantial length of time. Employee- legal worker within the organization from whom the organization must withhold taxes. Employment at Will either party can terminate employment relationship at any time regardless of the cause exceptions: o contract o federal/state law o violations of public faith/implied contract/good faith and fair dealing Psychological Contract a person’s perceptions of what each party in the contract owes the other o transactional- brief and narrowly defined psychological contract, that is usually economic in focus o relational- psychological contract in which parties have a long-term, broadly defined relationship with a vast focus. These contracts are important to employers, as when they are breached, employees tend to react very negatively, both attitudinally and behaviorally Discrimination Uniform guidelines o Employer must be able to prove that job selection is directly related to projected performance. o Griggs vs. Duke Power (1971) Dsiparate treatment o Protected class members receive unequal treatment or are evaluated by different standards Adverse effect o Rejection of employment, promotion of a significantly higher percentage of a protected class o Calculated using the four-fifths rule, if a protected class has less than 80% of the selection rate of the most prevalent class it is in violation of this rule
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Chapter 4 - Human Capital Equal Employment Opportunity and...

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