Chapter 5 - Human Capital Personality, Perception &...

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Human Capital KSA’s - Knowledge, skills, and ability levels Examples of knowledge areas - Business Management, Manufacturing, Engineering & Examples of skills - basic skills (writing, reading, active listening etc.) & cross-functional skills like: o social skills (persuasion, negotiation) o complex problem-solving (problem identification, information gathering, idea generation, selection of optimal solution) o technical (programming, maintenance, testing) o resource management (time management, management of personnel, financial management) Examples of Abilities- what one is capable of, e.g. o Cognitive abilities- verbal, quantitative, attentiveness. o Psychomotor abilities- manual dexterity, reaction time. o Physical abilities- strength, endurance, speed. o Sensory abilities- vision, hearing. Personality Traits - personality characteristics are the relatively enduring traits that predispose to think, feel and act in certain ways. Self-esteem- how you perceive yourself. Locus of control- the degree to which you believe your actions determine what happens to you in life- internal/external. Machiavellianism- the degree to which it is appropriate to behave in any manner that will meet one’s needs. Self-monitoring- the process through which people regulate their own behavior in order to "look good" so that they will be perceived by others in a favorable manner. Type A/B
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Chapter 5 - Human Capital Personality, Perception &...

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