sbus and market research

sbus and market research - in order to reach these goals...

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Markets and Consumers Strategic Business Units and Market Research A division or product line of business that has a distinct mission, objectives, and operates kind of independently from the rest of the company o SBU can be a department, product line, or just a single-brand product. An SBU has three characteristics o Single or collection of related businesses that can be managed separately from company. o An SBU has its own set of competitors o An SBU has its own management that is responsible for SBU’s planning and performance. For example, take the company Sara Lee, it has 3 main divisions Branded Apparel Household Items Example Company L’eggs o SBU Manager David Harold He did a SWOT analysis (StrengthsWeaknessesOppertunitiesThreats) and
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Unformatted text preview: in order to reach these goals, market research was used. Market research found that many companies were competing on price, there was little brand loyalty, and there is general poor product quality. • Marketing Research o Data Primary- was collected with specific purpose for the goal at hand Secondary- was collected by other means, but used for goal at hand Qualitative- not very detailed, general terms, narrow scope Quantitative- wide scope, detailed and specific o Methods Historical analysis- secondary/qualitative Trade Research- secondary/quantitative Survey Research- primary/quantitative Focus Group- primary/qualitative o Triangulation The use of multiple research methods...
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