Organized Anth140 Exam1 Alphabetically

Organized Anth140 Exam1 Alphabetically - ANTH 140 EXAM 1...

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ANTH 140 EXAM 1 CHEATSHEET BLANKS ____ hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland during the ____ phase of the menstrual cycle. b. Follicle stimulating; secretory ____ is more common among athletes than among the general population. c. Amenorrhea ____ is sometimes referred to as the "love" hormone. c. Oxytocin ____ is the MOST common way women achieve arousal and orgasm when masturbating. a. Clitoral stimulation ____ is the shortest phase of the Master's and Johnson sexual response cycle. c. Orgasm ____ refers to the cessation of menstruation. b. Menopause ____ takes place within the seminiferous tubules. c. Sperm production A A condition in which endometrial cells from the uterine lining implant in the abdominal cavity is referred to as b. endometriosis. A factor(s) which influences an individual’s ability to reproduce is: a. structural considerations such as being the last of a species b. behavioral factors such as being a poor fight and unable to compete for a mate. c. psychic factors such as being uninterested in rearing young. d. all of the above. A husband in the early colonies could: c. could legally rape his wife. A major advantage of the experimental method is: c. control over variables that influence the behavior being studied. A male’s chances of passing on his genes are limited by: c. the number of females he can successfully impregnate. A vaginal photoplethysmograph:
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a. measures increased vaginal blood volume. Abstinence-only programs: c. have been heavily funded by the U.S. Congress. According to Coontz, a strategy for reducing bloody wars after a king died was: c. To establish monogamy among kings so that there would be fewer sons. According to Coontz, how was early Christianity different from Judaism in its approach to marriage? c. Christians thought the Second Coming was close at hand and encouraged people to deemphasize worldly ties like that of marriage. According to Donald Symons, humans are unique among mammals because: b. Females are sexually receptive all the time. According to Friedman, the first country to allow adolescents access to family planning information without parental consent was: c. Denmark According to recent research, genital deodorant sprays and body powders have been associated with increased risks of d. ovarian cancer. According to Shimazaki, because of the lack of a Christian tradition in Japan, Japanese women do not worry about maintaining their virginity until marriage. False After conducting extensive research, Buss concluded that human mating was competitive, conflictual, and manipulative. a. True All of the following are components of the penis EXCEPT the d. interstitial cells. All of the following are found in the scrotum EXCEPT a. bulbourethral glands. All of the following are found in the scrotum except:
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Organized Anth140 Exam1 Alphabetically - ANTH 140 EXAM 1...

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