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Anth140 Exam 2 Alphabetized Study Guide

Anth140 Exam 2 Alphabetized Study Guide - Exam 2...

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Exam 2 Alphabetized Study Guide – ANTH 140 BLANK ____ influence the development of female physical sex characteristics and help regulate the menstrual cycle. a. Estrogens ____ is a hormone that is necessary for the normal development of male external genitals. b. DHT A A ____ crossdresses for sexual arousal, while a ____ crossdresses in order to feel comfortable and congruent. b. transvestite; transsexual A berdache is: (a. An effeminate homosexual b. A pejorative name for an Arab male prostitute c. A native American male prostitute. d. A kind of hat) A desire to have sex with animals is called: ( a. Bestiality b. Zoophilia c. Paraphilia d. Zoomania) A homosexual orientation appears to be the result of : d. There are no definitive conclusions regarding what causes homosexual orientation at this time. A xanith is a ___________. (Nanda) c. A name used in Oman for an effeminate homosexual. About ________% of the Ngandu and ________ of the Aka practice polygamy. b. 40, 15 According to a recent Redbook survey, only _________% of women experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. b. 17% According to Larkin, it is easy to change your sexual identity on documents in Japan. b. False According to Larkin, the first sexual reassignment surgery took place in __________ in 1931: a. Berlin. According to Larkin, you can change your gender designation on your family registry if: (a. You are more than 20. b. Have no children. c. Have no testicles or functioning testicles d. Have genitalia that looks similar to those of the opposite gender. e. all of the above.) According to Larkin, you must be ruled “disordered” by a doctor and two psychiatrists to get a sex change in Japan. a. True According to Nanda, Thai kathoey are not seen as members of a third sex, but a third gender. b. False
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According to Nanda, the only way to be validated as a man in Oman is to: a. Perform sexually in the male role as a penetrator. According to research compiled at the Mayo clinic ____% of 2  5 year old males and ____% of 2  5 year old girls masturbate using their hands. d. 16.7; 15.8 According to the NHSLS study, ____ was the MOST common reason reported by women for having first intercourse and ____ was the MOST common reason reported by men. c. affection for partner; curiosity and readiness for sex Aka men and women often switch subsistence and child-care roles. a. True All hijra are castrated. b. False All transvestites get a sexual thrill out of cross-dressing. b. False Among the Zikri Baluch, women married to their cousins had fewer children than those married to non-kin. b. False Animals are considered separate species when: d. When they cannot or will not mate with other species and produce fertile offspring. Another term for transsexualism is
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Anth140 Exam 2 Alphabetized Study Guide - Exam 2...

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