BurgheleaMath25511 - SYLLABUS FOR MATH 255 (This syllabus...

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Unformatted text preview: SYLLABUS FOR MATH 255 (This syllabus will be updated and adjusted to reflect the pace of the course; please check it regularly.) Purpose of the course The course is an introduction to the most basic concepts and methods in solving ordinary differential equations. Upon completion of this course students should know some applications of ordinary differential equations in engineering, physics and biology. Text book: Elementary differential equations and boundary value Problems, by W.E.Boyce and R.C. DiPrima, (8th edition, blue cover- custom unbound edition) Ch 1 Introduction: 1.1 Some basic mathematical models ; direction fields, 1.2 Solutions of some differential equations, 1.3 Classification of differential equations. (2 lecture ) Ch 2. First Order Differential Equations: 2.1 Linear Equations with variable coefficients, 2.2 Separable equations, 2.3 Modeling with first order equation (Only Example 4 about Escape velocity) 2.4 Difference between linear and nonlinear equations, 2.5 Autonomous equations and Population Dynamics,2....
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This note was uploaded on 10/06/2011 for the course MATH 255 taught by Professor Staff during the Spring '08 term at Ohio State.

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BurgheleaMath25511 - SYLLABUS FOR MATH 255 (This syllabus...

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