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- Memorandum Guidelines 1. Memoranda (memo’s) should be on company stationery, if a paper memo. 2. memo’s should be concise. 3. Introduce the topic quickly. Provide only the necessary detail to enable the reader to make a decision or follow the instructions contained in the memo. Conclude the memo with a statement that indicates the action that the recipients should take and if appropriate by a certain date. 4. Consider the recipient(s) of a memo. For example, senior management may insist that a memo not exceed one page. 5. Precisely use the company format for a memo if one exists. The format shown on the next page is fairly common. 6. Use a block font. 7. Font size should be at least 10 point. 8. Margins should be 1 inch on all sides. 9. Spacing requirements (Use single spacing, double between paragraphs) 10. Either left justify or justify left/right. 11. Either sign or initial the memo on the line where your name is typed.
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Brief_Memo_Guidelines_and_Example - Memorandum Guidelines...

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