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C:\Users\vwclarr\Desktop\Files\VT Courses\ME 2024\Fa 11\W2 - Generic Ex-Memo, Prj Prop, Dissection 2\W2D2 - Product Description, Project Proposal\Seven_Phrases_To_Avoid.doc 8/25/2011 2:30:31 PM - 1 - ME 2024 – Engineering Design and Economics Seven Things You Should Not Write in a Memo Filler terms, offensive phrases, and more . . . Simply : Simply , you are going to offend someone. Obviously : Obviously you are going to offend someone. Essentially: Essentially you sound like someone who does not have a clue about the accuracy of the statement, but wants to look competent. You are essentially going to look like a person looking for a new line of work.
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Unformatted text preview: Actually: Your boss might actually regret hiring you if he actually has to read actually too often. Using actually is the written equivalent of saying like in every other sentence. Some type of/Something like a : If you use such a flimsy statement your boss will give you some type of look—the look that means he or she is seriously doubting your competence. Should/would/to be able to : Go ahead and waste four words every five sentences. You should be able to find another job. Very/A lot: It is very, very likely that very does not help quantify anything very much, but maybe it will make you feel a lot better when you are looking for work....
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