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Unformatted text preview: ElecNose Business Plan ElecNose is developing a chemical analyzer and sensor cartridge, based upon Electronic Nose technology, which can instantly analyze complex chemical compounds. Figure 1. Electronic Nose Sensor. Numerous applications need real-time, on-the-spot, easy-to-use chemical analysis, which reduce expensive laboratory costs. Many gas-processing applications do not have the technology available for real-time measurement. The current approach is to take a sample and perform a laboratory test. The time delay in this approach is not acceptable for many applications. Fine chemical manufacturers for example will significantly improve product quality and rapidly respond to processing problems by using instruments based on the Electronic Nose technology. Marketing & Distribution Strategy The initial market niche for ElecNose's analyzer within the U.S. is estimated to be worth greater than $500 million. ElecNose wants to extend its influence on the market by designing, developing, than $500 million....
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