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COMM 3700 notes 4 - COMM 3700 Study Questions The...

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COMM 3700: Study Questions The definition of a constant- something that remains the same 3 reasons why hypotheses are important: 1. The way that you phrase hypothesis will directly affect how you conduct your study. 2. Will directly affect what you think your IV and DV are. 3. Deductive Method -- says that research must always come first!!! Characteristics of hypotheses (i.e. in what form) Falsifiable: researcher must allow for the possibility of concluding that the hypothesis will not gain empirical support; Hypotheses tend to be worded in some basic, almost formulaic ways (prediction of relationship of 2 variables) Affirmative: A hypothesis is always a prediction about the empirical outcome of a study. Therefore before you can word a hypothesis properly, it is necessary to know how each variable is operationalized. 1. Phrased as an affirmative statement 2. Assumes that a relationship exists (reverse of null hypothesis) 3. Speculates about the nature and form of the relationship 4. States the relationship is associative, not causal 5. Is consistent with what is known from prior research The distinction between hypotheses as continuous vs. difference statements -Continuous statements- independent variable will increase and cause the dependent variable to move up or down (increased tv viewing will be associated with increased feelings of self-loathing) -difference- comparing groups on some dependent variable (People who consume tortilla chips will be
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COMM 3700 notes 4 - COMM 3700 Study Questions The...

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