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COMM 3700: Study Questions The definition of research The search for knowledge, any systematic investigation to establish facts, solve new or existing problems, prove new ideas or develop new theories, usually using a scientific method The definitions of and distinctions between basic and applied research Basic research : what people do, human behavior, without a specific context. Is used to make generalizations about people. It is conducted solely for the purpose of gathering information and building on existing knowledge, Applied Research : tied to a particular group being studied. This is geared towards the resolution of a particular question. The definition of epistemology and why is it relevant to conducting research Epistemology: the science of knowing, this is what we consider “real” o What we consider to be knowledge is essential to understanding human behavior and the methods that we use to explore behavior o Relationship to Research- methodology ( a guideline for solving a problem) , The definitions for and distinctions between 4 ways of knowing about the world: 1) Traditional: reflects how we expect the world to be because that’s how it has always been. It is “socially defined, conventional, is general. 2) Authoritative : knowledge we acquire from a socially defined authority or person ( parents, teachers, priests etc.) 3) Personal Inquiry : we acquire through experience. We acquire because we see something and we believed it. We expect things based on our own personal experiences. 4) Empirical: a scientific way of knowing, where we generalize behavior we see based on many people’s experiences, is meant to be objective All of the above and observed variables - The independent variable is typically the variable representing the value being manipulated or
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SPCM3700 Notes 2 - COMM 3700: Study Questions The...

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