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Unformatted text preview: Results Calculations Limiting reactant (.651g Anthracene)x(1mol Anthracene/178.23g) X ( 1 mol of diels alder adduct/ 1 mol of Anthracene) x (276.29g/mol adduct) =1.009g diel alder adduct (.350g Maleic Anhydride) x (1mol Maleic Anhydride/ 98.06g)x 1 mol of diels alder adduct/ 1 mol of Maleic Anhydride) x ( 276.29g/mol adduct) = .986g of diel alder adduct Maleic Anhydride is the limiting reactant Percentage yield = Actual/theorectical x 100 = .782g/ .986g x 100 =79.3 % Discussion Looking at the limiting reactant calculations, Maleic Anhydride ended up being the limiting reactant, therefore it was used to calculate theoretical yield. From this experiment, we ended up with a percent yield of 79.3 % which is a good amount. Some possibly explanation for only have obtained 79.3% yield is the fact that during the reflux, the reaction started to boil exceedingly, so we lowered the temperature, to lessen the strength of the boil. However, the reaction stopped boiling and we had to raise the temperature to continue the experiment, which...
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