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post lab 5

post lab 5 - Michele Chan Chem 1212L Lisa James...

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Michele Chan Chem 1212L Lisa James Results .149g Mg x (1 mol Mg/24.3050g)x (1mol triphenymethanol/ 1 mol Mg) x (260.32g triphenymethanol/ 1 mol triphenymethanol)= 1.596g 0.6mL Bromobenzene x (1.495g/ml) x ( 1mol Bromobenzene/ 157.0169g) x( 1mol triphenymethanol/ 1 mol bromobenzene) x (260.32g triphenymethanol/ 1 mol triphenymethanol) =1.487g 0.682Benzophenone x (1 mol Benzophenone/ 182.217g) x (1mol triphenymethanol/ 1 mol benzophenone) x (260.32g triphenymethanol/ 1 mol triphenymethanol) =0.974g Limiting reactant is Benzophenone. Percentage yield is actual/ theoretical x 100 = .171g/.974g x 100 = 17.56% Final product melting point= 149-156 degrees Celsius Discussion The melting point for the final product was around 149 degree Celsius to 156 degree Celsius. In comparison to the literature value of the melting point of triphenylmethanol which is 160-164 degree Celsius, our melting point is only off by a few places. Due to the fact that it is lower than expected, I believe that the sample has some impurities in it. I believe that it still
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