test 1 notes - Pysch research notes Chapter 1 Assumption...

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Pysch research notes Chapter 1 Assumption based Tenacity- based on familiarity, knee jerk reaction, good short cut but has problems Authority- based on a fallible assumption of authority, you don’t know how good they are example google maps or Galileo and the telescope Experience based Common sense- based on thoughtful considerations of past experience and learned principals but past experience can be limited biased or wrong Reason/logic- thinking through what we can conclude from what we already know but still depends on assumption Heuristics which are tradeoffs accuracy for expediency Science is experienced based but controlled it test assumptions, involves observations quantifications, explanations, doubts, predictions. It is valuable to the individual in daily life and valuable to society if it is replicable, it is a slow method for reaching knowing. It est theaoris and constructs. Operational definition a conversion of a construct to a measurement or a quantification. Science is a process, question, hypothesis, prediction methods, analysis Pseudoscience deviates from scientific methods, ex psychics, problems is that it is unfalsifiable. Falsifiable claim can be shown as false Astrology to astronomy Phrenology to neuroscience Pseudoscience does not test for alternative explanations Science is based on empiricism on relying on sensory experience to vary ideas about reality Behavioral sciences concern societies, communities, families, interpersonal relationships, personality cognition emotion macro neuro circuitry neurotransmission cell biology Behavior can be objective and observable , experience can not be observed and is subject to biases and fully subjective Verbal reports are informative if reliability and validity can be established, physiological
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test 1 notes - Pysch research notes Chapter 1 Assumption...

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