Thursday april15 - Thursday April 15, 2010 The sectional...

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Thursday April 15, 2010 The sectional divide: Uncle Tom’s Cabin Politics Free soil party Compromise of 1850 Kansas-Nebraska Act Republican party Violence Bleeding Kansas Caning of Charles Sumner Law Dred Scott Manifest destiny that occurs in the 1930’s leads to civil war. The key question is whether or not the new territory would be slave states or free states. Most thought that the future of the country depended on this. They are afraid that it would shift the balance in government if the states are made free or slaves. Southern states are the ones that actually controlled the federal government. They are afraid that more free states would infringe on their rights to own slaves, because the government would be over stocked with free state representatives. A lot of those in the north were very racist and they wanted a white country. The Missouri compromise of 1820, said that all the land north of the Louisiana purchase is unorganized territory would be prohibited to slavery. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was a series that came out on a weekly basis in 1851, sold as a noverl in 1852, a bestseller in the north, written by Hariet Beecher Stowe. Not only did the book circulate, companies sold spin off from the book like a decorative plate in 1852. There was a card game invented called “Uncle Tom’s and little Eva. There was a play as well in 1854. It focused on the
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Thursday april15 - Thursday April 15, 2010 The sectional...

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