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Thursday april 1 - Thursday April 1 2010 Hofwyl-Broadfield...

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Thursday April 1, 2010 Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation is a plantation on the coast of Georgia that is owned by the state and it represent the history and culture of the Georgia’s rice coast, portrayal is straight out of Gone with the Wind. Life of the people who live on the planatation The slave population from 1820 to 1860 were distributed among the black belt and there were a large concentration on Georgia coast. Rice plantations were the biggest, and the fields are still visible. A plantation purchased in 1833 owned by Manigault family, the son was sent to Yale for his education and he took over management in 1852. The family did not want to spend time on the plantation especially in the summer when malaria and yellow fever were prevalent. They would go to Charleston and Joseph Manigault had a house in 1803 built in Charleston. They believed themselves to be paternalistic to their slaves. They made overseas sign a contract that they would attend to the health and care of their slaves. He made a point by calling each slave by their name and giving them their clothing by himself. The number of slaves on the plantation varied and averaged around a hundred. Each one live four to a single room house, 18ft by 18ft. In the winter they operated on the task system so they had one task to complete each day and when completed they could have time to themselves. In that time they would fish or work their own garden or patch their clothes to survive. A standard task was considered to dig a ditch for a full hand slave. A lot of the slaves had been injured in one way or another and was considered half hands. One slave named Ben had frost bite on his hands and was therefore considered a half hand. Each slave was given a single pair of shoes that was to lasts through the winter. Most slaves worked
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Thursday april 1 - Thursday April 1 2010 Hofwyl-Broadfield...

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