Thursday feb 18 - Thursday February, 18, 2010 Who won the...

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Thursday February, 18, 2010 Who won the war? What did people fight for? In the 1770 after the declaration, the real action is at the state government, because that’s where all the power is. Most of them have a real commitment to popular sovereignty. Pennsylvania is known for radicalism. It has an election to send delegates to state convention, open to all white men, and that was radical back then because most needed property requirements, so the document represented the views of the people who were there. It was a unicameral legislative, only one house and term limits, and still had property requirements, and that to pass a law it had to pass through two sets of voting. Both Georgia and Pennsylvania omitted the officer of the governor, indicating a suspicion of executive power. Only New Jersey gave women the right to vote. Only Property holders were legit officer holders because they had a real interest in the community, and that you had to have property to be a disinterested voter. Each state had different property requirements. Maryland to run for lower house you had to have 500 pounds of assets, 10 times that much for the government. Voters needed to have 50 acres of land or 30 pounds, so 30% of white men could not vote. Despite that, there was protest from soldiers who could not vote. The enfranchised they allowed more people to vote than had been allowed in the colonist. This was a government for the people by the people. People also only meant those who were free. Vermont outlawed slavery exclusively in their constitution. In the northern states, there was a general move to outlaw slavery.
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Thursday feb 18 - Thursday February, 18, 2010 Who won the...

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