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thursday feb 25 - The constitution is just a skeletal...

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The constitution is just a skeletal outline and how the government will function, it is determined by Washington’s administration. April 1789, Washington makes a six day journey up to New York, along the way, he’s celebrated by thousands of people and he is inaugurated and makes a grand entry on a white horse. They did not know what to call him, came up with a lot of different names, his majesty the president…etc and they settled on president. John Adams thought the name was weak and other countries would despise him. This period known as the federalist era, those in power are concerned with an excess in democracy. They were not sure if the government will survive. They looked toward France with fear because of the French revolution. After the stale mate with Britain in 1812, then the country finally relaxes and is stable. George Washington was mythologized. Example is an engraving from 1800, showing him wearing a royal wreath. For example, in his biography, Washington virtues are exemplified and over extravagated to the point of almost godlike, for example the apotheosis of Washington in 1865, a painting where he has become a god. Washington was in favor of hierarchy not monarchy. He was a strong supporter of the federal government. As president he cultivated a personal style that was dignified and resolute, he liked ceremonies, traveled in a green coach, and surrounded himself by servants in uniform. He also held weekly audiences with distinguished visitors, where Washington would wear a black velvet suit, polished shoes, and a feather hat. He tried to lend some dignity to the office. Adams and
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thursday feb 25 - The constitution is just a skeletal...

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