Thursday jan14 - Thursday January 14,2010 Europe and the...

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Thursday January 14,2010 Europe and the Age of Exploration Why explore? Colonization o It is a continuity of history from Mediterranean colonization o The sugar growing regions are tied to the production of sugar. Sugar was originally a very expensive and rare spice and had to be grown in a warm climate. It was first done in the eastern Mediterranean which were Muslim regions conquered by European empires who set up sugar plantations. They then moved to Cyprus and then to Sicilia for plantations. Which was conquered in 13th century by France, then they moved to Morocco. o First colonization in the west was to grow sugar. All sugar plantations were worked by poorest labor, slaves Labor force was not self reproducing, needed new workers/slaves Plantations were large scale, They had feudalistic features, supervisors had de facto legal jurisdiction over their workers, they initiated punishment and discipline over their workers All plantations supplied distant markets Political control lay abroad. The word slave came from Slavic region, middle of 14th century when Africans came to mideastern slave market. Reconquista ( requerimiento, adelantado)/ Reconquest of Spain o It was a continuity of Christianity expansion, tied to religious warfare. o In the 700, Spanish peninsula was conquered by mores, then in 1200 Spain won back most of the peninsula ,but the Muslims still had control over the southern half. o 15th century, Spanish monarchs conquered the Moorish kingdom , the last one fell in 1492, called Granada. o
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Thursday jan14 - Thursday January 14,2010 Europe and the...

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