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Thursday jan 21

Thursday jan 21 - Thursday New Spain and New France The...

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Thursday January 21, 2010 New Spain and New France The English colonies were far more destructive to Indians than the French or Spanish colonies The pueblo Indians in the southwest are today the single most populous tribe in the United States. The tribes that were exposed to the English rarely survive and are very few left. Spanish Exploration Why explore? Looking for gold, another Aztec empire, A lot of them had been involved in the conquest of the Aztecs. De Soto (1539-42) o He is responsible for spreading diseases and small poxes. He started in Cuba and wandered through Florida, to Georgia, South Carolina, and Mississippi, where he died. He had accompanied in the conquest of the Incas. o He had the right to explore and conquer Florida from the Spanish empire, so, he could divide up and keep any gold he found, but he found none. He was also permitted to found a hereditary domain for his ancestors but it didn’t happen. o He hunted Indians for sport and was very cruel to them. He had 300 sets of iron collars and chains with him in anticipation of taking Indian slaves to use as pack bearers. He unleashed mason, giants dogs on the Indians when they resisted. They would be eaten alive. o People produced a lot of these accounts and illustrated them. They were contempted by the English and Spanish alike. He carved his way through the southeast. o When he died, half of his own men had already died either by disease or death by Indians. They built a raft and sailed home to Spain after his death. Coronado (1540-42)
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o He moved up the Mexican peninsula and into the southwest to the Midwest to present day Kansas. He was lured by visions of golden cities. There was rumored to be the seven cities of cieola.
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Thursday jan 21 - Thursday New Spain and New France The...

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