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Thursday jan 28 - Thursday Slavery in Early America...

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Thursday January 28, 2010 Slavery in Early America Transatlantic Migration to British American Colonies, 1500-1760. There were 37% British and 63% Africans. The percent of population who were African or African Americans steadily increased from 1650- 1710 especially in the British West Indies and the Lower south and Chesapeake. The ratio of Africans to Europeans is 2 to 1. None of this was inevitable, they made conscious decisions and choose slavery. Why did North America and British colonies turn to slavery? At the start of the colonies in N.A, no one thought it would become a slave colony. Slavery had already existed in other parts of the world. By 1700, slavery was legally established in the colonies and takes off relatively quickly. From 1701- 1710, about 9000 people were slaves, but by 1761-1770, there were 70,000 people imported as slaves. In Virginia colony transported more than 17000 people to the colony. They invested an immense sum of money into the colony. Tobacco saves the colony. More tobacco is exported as the years go on. Five to ten times profit results from the sales of Tobacco. Land is taken from the Indians, but they need labor to grow the tobacco because it demands intensive labor. Three systems of labor o Free wage The problem in the new world was that why would anyone choose to work for someone when they can work for themselves. So it was not going to work. o Chattel Slavery It was dangerous, creates a highly stratified society. They are a few slaves in Virginia, but on average the blacks and whites arriving in the colonies only survive for 5 years. With this kind of life expectancy, it’s a bad investment that they will die soon. They were considered a poor investment.
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o Indentured servitude
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Thursday jan 28 - Thursday Slavery in Early America...

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