Tuesday apr 20

Tuesday apr 20 - Tuesday We watched clips from Gods and...

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Tuesday April 20, 2010 We watched clips from Gods and Generals. The scene between Stonewall Jackson and the slave is inaccurate. The virgin birth theory is that the confederacy rose from some unearthy cause, but In reality it rose from trying to defend slavery. There is not yet a moral point to slavery, they don’t condemn it yet. We can trace the origin that the war was about states rights, and not slavery, But in reality it was about slavery. The causes of the war was the market revolution and lack of industrialization in the south. Distribution of wealth in the north is that the wealth owned by top 10% in the north grows. Alexander Stephens, a uga graduate with a plantation was the confederate vice president and he said that slavery was the cause of the war and the foundation of the confederacy was that the negro was not equal to the white man. He goes on to say that slavery was not incidental that it was the supreme good that united the confederacy, Jefferson Davis, in 1861, president of confederacy, said that sucession was an act of self defense against ending slavery. Some believed that the south could not exist without slavery. The declaration of immediate clause said that their postion was indentified with slavery. This is a war about slavery. After Lincoln’s election, there is a lot of fear among the south about what will happen. Not only
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Tuesday apr 20 - Tuesday We watched clips from Gods and...

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