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Tuesday feb 9 - Tuesday February 9 2010 Origins of the...

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Tuesday February 9, 2010 Origins of the American Revolution To study do outline for essays and review readings. We know that the crown is doing little to help the conflicts in the colonies. Why do Americans take up arms? Only about 1/3 of white Americans supported the war, the rest were uninterested or loyal to the crown Poverty worsens; it increases significantly in 1760 and 1770. The British crown improaches on traditional liberties and rights The seven year war starts it. In 1752 the land is mostly controlled by French, which passes to British hands by 1763. Originally Spain had the most land and control. After the treaty of Paris in 1763, the French essentially leave the area giving the land to the British. One consequence is that the war leads to increasing poverty. The New England colonist contributes most of the colonial troops. o 30% of all men between 15 to 30 in Massachusetts had been in service and died or returned injured. o When the war ended in 1763, it leads to a severe recession, because the British spend a lot of money supporting the war. o It leads to an influx of soldiers or a large amount of discharged soldiers who were not searching for employment before now needed jobs. o Immigration in high in early 1750 and is nonexistent during the war when It increases again in the 1760. The soldiers have to compete with immigrants for survival. o This war costs a lot of money to Britain to fight, and England’s national depts. It doubled over the course of this war. o The British believe that the advantages of the war went to the colonist themselves, and that they should pay some of the dept. o The annual interest and the dept kept growing, it was enormous.
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England has to try to get revenue from the colonies. o First thing they do is the molasses act of 1733 places a high tax on molasses from the French Caribbean. They wanted the colonists to buy their supplies from the British.
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