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Tuesday feb 16 - 0112502 February, 16, 2010 The...

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01-125-02 February, 16, 2010 The Revolutionary War The first battle occurs in April 1775. A month later, a second continental congress meets to figure out what to do. They had no army and they were up against the most disciplined army and navy of the world. Who is fighting the war? And why? Not everyone is fighting for the same thing, large diversity of people participating, African American soldiers, officers, backwoods men fighting, Native Americans, farmers, merchants, planters. Not surprising that there is a host of differing opinions as to why people are fighting. There is no army in April 1775, just local organizations formed by white men used to put down slave rebellions and fighting Indians. They had no formal training. Congress met because the colonies needed a more formal army so they formed the continental army. At the top of the hierarchy you have the officers ruled by George Washington. He proves to be a respectable leader that ends up saving the continental army. He creates an alliance between the northern and southern colonies. The alliance holds for at least the first six centuries. They tried to create a group of gentlemen, illustrated by the fact that they dueled for honor, a trait typical of British soldiers. They are imitating British officers, and try to distinguish themselves from average soldiers. Officers also sought the right to buy and sell commissions. This was common in England. It’s not based on skill as an officer. It’s expected that wealthy people would occupy these offices in the army. They are fighting for their independence and freedom. The other spectrum of belief, the army is made up of average soldiers. Local governments formed draft boards to meet the quota of number of soldiers to serve in the army. Some people did not want to fight in the war, because the conditions were dismay. The
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Tuesday feb 16 - 0112502 February, 16, 2010 The...

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