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Tuesday feb 23 - Tuesday Critical period under drafting...

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Tuesday February 23, 2010 Critical period under drafting. Article to constitution. Benjamin Franklin, John Jay and Charles Pinckney were delegates for the constitution. They are fearful of democracy. There a fear that the country will descend into chaos and it’s becoming too democratic. There is also a growing right wing conservative unit who want a monarchy. May 1787, the meeting of the second convention in Philadelphia drew more support than the first which was canceled for lack of people showing up. According to the Article, the document could only be modified by consent of all 13 states; the meeting was illegal and had no authority to modify it. They justified their actions by calling it a revolutionary body, and believed that the government got their authority from the people. Congress eventually gave it the stamp of approval for advising the article, which mean they needed all 13 state approval. So, they nailed shut the windows took a pledge of secrecy to talk about it. 55 representatives showed up. Those who showed up thought that there was something wrong about the Articles, 2/3 were lawyers and they all were suspicious of democracy. Patrick Henry stated that he smelled a rat. Shay’s rebellion had encouraged many of the delegates to attend and they acknowledged that their economy was in a shambles and needed to be fixed. One view is that Farmers wanted more debt relief. They recognized that the people who bought I.O.U’s were taking money out of the economy. Another view held by people of the constitution, they thought we needed less debt relief. They were unhappy with the issue of printing paper money. They claimed that no one would lend money because they would not be paid back. Their suggestion was that a stronger federal government that could control finances and money would put the economy on a strong footage so the federal government would have to be strengthened. Hamilton suggests that the chief executive should be chosen by elected representatives, and the high officials elected should serve
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Tuesday feb 23 - Tuesday Critical period under drafting...

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