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Tuesday Jan 26 - Tuesday January 26, 2009 The English...

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Tuesday January 26, 2009 The English Colonies The first thanksgiving at Plymouth and Pocahontas, are examples that there are lots of imaginings of what the colonies were like. The British Colonies were far more destructive than the others. There are two examples of the end. The second Powhatan war in 1644. The Indians are not able to wipe the English out but they kill 500 colonists and lose 1000 men. It was ended by a treaty in 1646, which placed Indians under colonial law, required them to serve as scout and troopers and give up a tribute of beaver skins to the British. Survivors of the war lived scattered throughout the region. In 1714, they were collected and consolidated on a small area in southern Virginia. The second example is the Pequot War in 1637. The pilgrims lead a small attack on a Pequot village. They surrounded it, set fire to it and killed 500 men and women. Those captured were sent into slavery. The Pequot nation no longer existed after that. In the 1630’s they were pretty much destroyed. Jamestown colony was a settlement created by the Virginia Company, it was a joint stock company. Formed by wealthy investors who hoped to make a profit, they were granted access to any area or properties that they claimed. They are hoping for profits, or the Northwest Passage. They were told to send back samples of ore that might have precious minerals or grow profitable crops. This colony could provide an outlet for the English poor who were crowding the cities, which would reduce unemployment and crime in England. 144 men set sail for cheapsake bay, 105 arrived. They constructed a small fort named
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Tuesday Jan 26 - Tuesday January 26, 2009 The English...

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