ARHI 3054 TEST 1

ARHI 3054 TEST 1 - ARHI 3052 August 16 • when asked to...

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Unformatted text preview: ARHI 3052 August 16 • when asked to define a term ◦ define the era. what concepts. dates. explain the movements. ◦ enlightenment: ◦ what is it? ◦ when did it happen? ◦ where did it happen? ◦ who was involved? ◦ why? ◦--think journalism-- • taking notes ◦ write and use vocab. ◦ Look at imgs on screen ◦ maybe by paper? • France, english. ◦ Shifts in style, when they occur, subjects of art. ◦ Functions of art. ◦ New social institutions ◦ conecpt of a public for art. ◦ Public- influence. – exhibitions. ◦ Role of artist. –usually patron—not about the public. But later, its about public. ◦ 18 th c. trans period. Democratic rev. economoically first bank. ◦ Social classes • Enlightenment ◦ Cochin- Reason Pulls the Veil off of Truth. ◦ Intellect. Philosophical. Movements. A more rational inquiry into the word. More scientific-- ◦ challenges religion and manifest destiny. ▪ Less abstract. If you see it. Believe it. ◦ EnLIGHTenment- higher plane of understanding. See the light. More educated. Bigger view of things. Comprehensive. ◦ 18 th c. light. And even the sci of light. it worked. Etc. ◦ Bernini- Cornaro Chapel, Rome 1645-52 ◦ beginning in the 1600s. Or still happening to didnt rly take off til the 18 th c. ▪ the proper way is to be enlightened. ▪ Try to understand the world. And improve it. ◦ Progess. ◦ Color, life, staging, life—attract people back to church. Embrace senses. ◦ Logical explan. In the world. Sci will believe in god. ▪ New hierarchy..logic. ◦ READ KANT what is enlightenment. 771-776 ▪ he sees it as a process.. never be finished. Ongoing. ▪ Answer: why is the enligh Imp to him? And how would this def of enligh apply to artists? ▪ Age of enligh – there is still a process of enlightened ▪ enligh age—means you already know everything. ▪ Immaturity- cant use ones owns undersanding without the guidance of another ▪ self-imposed. You bring it on yourself ◦ dogmas. Formule. Accepted exp. Like you dont see it yourself, you just accept this knowledge. ◦ Define and define. Define your words that you use. Informed. ◦ Cochin- Reason Pulls the Veil off of Truth. ▪ 18thc. Frontspiece to the encyclopedie. Published 1764 ▪ this book was editted by etching ▪ printmaking ▪ allergory. • Reason...often a beautiful women. • Truth..pure...nude pretty woman. • Human form. ▪ Crown of reason. Pulling the veil. Nudity-meant to please/pure. ▪ Some countries found this book dangerous. Challenges theological. Spain banned it. And it was banned. Close to catholic. ◦ Enlightenment...essentensial for human cilization. And progress. August 18 • thought that it trickled down from high and rich....
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ARHI 3054 TEST 1 - ARHI 3052 August 16 • when asked to...

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