ARHI 3020 Test 1

ARHI 3020 Test 1 - ARHI 3020 August 15 • book is in...

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Unformatted text preview: ARHI 3020 August 15 • book is in library as well. • Hartt- 17-156 • TERMS- pay attention • pw:giotto • online works: elc. List of terms, etc. • no dates, but a general idea. • Why a style is a certain why, content, relations to time and patron Pollaiuolo, Donatello, Tempietto • Pisan Crucifix 13 th c. • Duccio, Rucellai Madonna , 1285 • teachings of st fransis of asissi. More personal exp. Recommended imgs to engage your emo. ◦ Proto ren- ideas dealt with in the 15 th c. 1500-1520- high ren ◦ 15 th c early ren. ◦ Masaccio- naturalistic stlye. Leanred from nature and sculpture from ancient rome. • Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael • 15 into 16 th c. departure from naturalism. August 17 • Giorgio Vasari and patron: Duke Cosimo l de' Medici ◦ abitious man. Wanted to give the artist have a high social status. ◦ He was a curier but not a really high one. So he wrote a history of the arts. ◦ 13 th c-16 th c. did biographies. ◦ Admired michelangelo. ◦ Get artists to break fee of the trade guild. Make visual arts as an area of liberal arts studies. ◦ Tuscany area-trade and economy. Renan really flourished here. Money=commissions. ▪ Cities had representative govts. ▪ Florence- dictatorship. • City founded around 1 st c. • retirement colony for roman soldiers • 11 th c ring wall. • 1173 ring wall • churches- certain of power and artistic commissions ◦ not disconnected. More space. Bigger. Streets. tall • families at war with each other often • Palazzo dei Priori • Loggia dei Lanzi- was first a speakers platform . Impt feature of life. ◦ Provides discussion. ◦ 16 th c...militia. They hung out. • Cathedral complex, florence. ◦ Building 1294-16 th c ◦ 19thc given a facade ◦ Campanile...maybe by giotto ◦ Baptistery. St john the bapist. 1059c. Romanesque. ▪ 8 sides of 6 sides • holy week. 6 days. ▪ 8 days til easter • Dominican Order, mendicants: begged for its living and preached ◦ needed a large church. S. Maria Novella. 13 th c. and 15 th c. ◦ spanish priest. ◦ Interior. Gothic style. Pointed arches. Frence gothic and italain gothic. ▪ Italian- more lights. Open space. Decorations. Stained glass. ▪ French- stained class is a french art form. • Fanciscan order-- ◦ rival source of power to dom. Order ◦ church of s. croce. East of town hall. ◦ In a bad part of town. ◦ Pretended to be mideval knights sometimes • Guild headquaters ◦ Orsanmichele ▪ guild shrine and storage or grain. Or at least looked like it ▪ late 14thc...converted to guild shrine. Guilds were invited to commission statues of patron saints. ▪ Arno is pretty placid. Sometimes a flood. 1966 was the last one....
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ARHI 3020 Test 1 - ARHI 3020 August 15 • book is in...

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