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Engineering Approach to Solving Problems Problem description: After some study, state what is known about the problem. What to find: State in own words what is to be found. Draw diagrams Identify system boundary. Closed system or control volume? of the system: Include relevant info such as forces, motions, inputs and outputs acting on the system. Given info: Write down known property values and other given info. Sketch property diagrams e.g. v-T, p-T diagrams etc. Simplifying assumptions: List assumptions, e.g. effects that can be neglected, (Engineering model) approximations. etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Write down operating conditions, interactions, e.g. steady state, no friction etc. Analysis : Write down governing equations, simplify them as per assumptions. Identify needed tables, charts, property relations. Add, revise diagrams, other info as needed. Do the number of equations equal the number of unknowns? Solve problem in symbolic form first , then plug in numbers along with units. Check solution: Have in mind a reasonable “ball park” estimate for the solution. Do a sanity check of the magnitudes and algebraic signs. Check that the units of the solution are correct....
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