Lecture 24 - Chechnya

Lecture 24 - Chechnya - The Tragedy that is Chechnya...

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The Tragedy that is Chechnya Understanding the Conflict in Chechnya: The fall of Yeltsin, the rise of Putin, and the pain of a people Chechen History: - Chechens. ..an ancient people - Theme in Chechen history o Trying to fight off or free themselves from outside invaders o Fighting since the 4 th Century for freedom. .. o Result: Chechnya has a long history and tradition of fierce individualism, locally based power, collective decision making small community groups, and distrust in centralized “power from above” Stalin’s Repressive Regime - Full guerilla war leads to genocide and mass deportation, as a result, nearly 40% of the Chechen population is lost The “Kruschev thaw” - Chechnya – autonomous state within soviet structure - 13 year exile ends - Russianization of Chechnya - Rise of Chechen nationalism. .. o 30 years of ethonince psychologically traumatized the Chechen people and caused nationalism to spread “like a cancerous tumor” Collapse of USSR - Why wasn’t Chechnya given its independence when the Soviet Union fell? o
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Lecture 24 - Chechnya - The Tragedy that is Chechnya...

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