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lec 2 prob a solution

lec 2 prob a solution - 20‘ Given the piston—cylinder...

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Unformatted text preview: 20‘ Given the piston—cylinder device, the electric heater causes the air in the piston to increase in temperature from T=25°C to T=50°C. What are pabs and psig for the air in the cylinder? Mass 'of piston is 100 lb. Area of piston is 1ft2. What kind of interaction(s) is taking place? How does the pressure in the cylinder change with time? {feta ”EM/ll 1 // “a? 3.1% ”1 (““0“ Paw} Pew} \ . _;= maria ~ .. _ ., m .M. “gift; filkevkhuwwb l1; QSGQ ? 1.7,“ . "’1- cassuwief Moi—“gimme? a}: We i532"- Ecfififkiinmg m r ~r‘i v? )i" :51 ’liotw mar a. H1 ? P ’3‘? J M 9) Rm?" WW E>5Am * Wm?“ m ‘i We ._ {3M 1\ 157le $451,.”th 73» _ WE wwfl jam, a, ., V1 32 E3 H L l1 a“ (rebel T; mt iglfl i‘i‘im 231-le % malt? "ll/lair Jt€mBEradiay€ gird Vial affect "the g‘oiw‘l‘iom fililtai‘T'CiiCl chahgt’, 5M { . F . '3 h \:)%\03 .3” fitter“ {Ems} ”W & aflm "' my a“); Wall” WWW WNW; £an Mid gram Matti" Lad M'lcdm‘fi' 5mm l ”frffWFI/ti‘fl? firrw: twist rm 5‘5 mm s W ”M “QnVi‘l-rilmrthf) E N WM it; in"? 015% (ram {313mm Fri/143m me MP kw" Pia-”WE @l ”the calm], {lame/l? Pislem magi; other comedian? 30 mm“ WW? WW5“ 39"? Cxémsiittm‘h U5“? Lflfitlfii)r’ece§3) ...
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