Lecture 25 - Polish Political System

Lecture 25 - Polish Political System - Polish Political...

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Polish Political Institutions - 1989 - The Third Republic o President o Prime Minister and Cabinet o October 2007 Elections o Legislature o Judiciary o Party System o Parties 1989 - Summer 1989: government formation - Tadeusz Mazowiecki (catholic intellectual, editor of Solidarity newspaper, advisor to Walesa) becomes prime minister - 11 of 23 ministerial posts taken by Solidarity; only 4 go to Communists - First non-Communist government in Central and Eastern Europe since WWII The Third Republic - Adopting a new constitution and political system after Communist rule meant: o Replacing the old constitution of 1952 o Introducing an electoral law o Changing the official symbols and terms of the communist system (e.g. name of country, flag, anthem, etc.) o Re-introducing meaningful state institutions such as presidency, Senate, local government system, etc. o Providing legal framework for private ownership o Safeguarding the independence of the judiciary o Enshrining political rights and civil liberties - Adopting new constitution = most urgent, others follow - But: delayed for seven years by wrangling over details; some key controversies: o Focus on ethnicity (“Polish nation”) versus focus on civic understanding (“citizens of Poland) o Explicit role of Catholicism? - New constitution finally put before electorate in 1997 avoids making both these choices o Contains references to both Polish nations and its citizens. .. o
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Lecture 25 - Polish Political System - Polish Political...

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