P0IITU04 - Laws of Motion qns

P0IITU04 - Laws of Motion qns - Q101. Newton-sec is the...

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QUEST TUTORIALS Head Office : E-16/289, Sector-8, Rohini, New Delhi, Ph. 65395439 Q101. Newton - sec is the unit of (a) energy (b) force (c) angular momentum (d) momentum Q102. A stretching force of 5N is applied at one end of a spring balance and an equal force is applied at the other end in the opposite direction. The reading in the balance will be (a) zero (b) 5N (c) 10N (d) 15N Q103. A person weighing 80 kg is standing on a life which is moving upwards with a uniform acceleration of 4.9 m/sec 2 . The apparent weight of the person will be (a) 40 kg (b) 80 kg (c) 120 kg (d) 160 kg Q104. A jet engine works on the principle of conservation of (a) man (b) energy (c) linear momentum (d) angular momentum Q105. A 10 kg weight is accelerated from rest to 50 m/s. The force acting on it (a) 4 10 × 50 N (b) 4 10 × 05 × 9.8 N (c) N 50 10 2 1 4 2 × × (d) cannot be determined from the give data Q106. A charge of mass 10 kg is fired from a cannon of 20 kg with a speed of 100 m/sec. The velocity of recoil of the cannon is (a) 100 m/sec (b) 50 m/sec (c) 200 m/sec (d) 10 m/sec Q107. A man in a lift will weigh more when the left (a) begins to go up (b) is going up steadily (c) is coming down steadily (d) is slowing down Q108. An iron ball and a wooden ball of the same radius are released from a given height in vacuum. Which of the following statements is the (a) Iron ball will reach the ground fast (b) Wooden ball will reach the ground fast (c) both balls will reach the ground at the same (d) no ball can reach the ground Q109. The correct answer to the above question is based upon the fact that (a) acceleration due to gravity in vacuum depends upon the mass f the body (b) there is n acceleration due to gravity in vacuum (c) the acceleration due to gravity has the same value irrespective of the mass of the body (d) the motion of bodies is not possible in vacuum Q110. O being slightly displaced, if the distance between the center of gravity of the body and the ground remains unchanged, the body is (a) in stable equilibrium (b) in neutral equilibrium (c) in unstable equilibrium (d) not in equilibrium a all Q111. If a railway train is moving with a uniform speed on a level track, the engine is doing (a) no work (b) work against friction (c) work against gravity (d) work against both friction and gravity Q112. Balanced on a wedge at a point 5 cm from one end, a metre scale remains horizontal when a mass of 180 g is suspended from the same end. The weight of the metre scale is (a) 20 g (b) 36 g (c) 90 g (d) 180 g Q113. A object placed on ground in stable equilibrium is given a slight push. The initial position of its centre of gravity (a) moves nearer to ground (b) rises higher above the ground (c) remains unchanged (d) does not have anything to do with the type of equilibrium Q114. A false balance has unequal areas of length a and b. If W 1 and W 2 are the balancing weights, when a body is weighed alternately in the two pairs the true weight of the body is given by
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P0IITU04 - Laws of Motion qns - Q101. Newton-sec is the...

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