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P0IITU05 - Rotational Motion qns

P0IITU05 - Rotational Motion qns - Q221 A shell fired from...

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QUEST TUTORIALS Head Office : E-16/289, Sector-8, Rohini, New Delhi, Ph. 65395439 Q221. A shell fired from a gun at an angle to the horizontal explodes in mid air. The centre of mass of the shell fragments will have (a) vertically down (b) horizontally (c) along the same parabolic path of the unexploded shell (d) along the tangent to the parabolic path of unexploded shell Q222. The centre of mass of a system of two particles is Q223. Of the two spheres of same size, mass and appearance one is hollow and other is solid. If the two are rolled down an inclined plane simultaneously, then Q224. A loaded spring gun of mass M fires a shot of mass m with a velocity v at an angle of elevation θ . The gun is initially at rest on a horizontal frictionless surface. After firing, the centre of mass of the gunshot system m M v - - in the horizontal direction Q225. If a mass of mass M jumps to the ground from a height h and his centre of mass moves a distance x in the time taken by him to hit the ground, the average force acting on him (assuming constant retardation) is (a) Mgh/x (b) Mgx/h (c) Mg(h/x) 2 (d) Mg(x/h) 2 Q226. The motion of the centre of mass of a system of two particles is unaffected by their interval forces Q227. The ratio of the radii of gyration of a circular disc and a circular ring of the same radii about a tangential axis is
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