CEE 3000 March 10, 2011

CEE 3000 March 10, 2011 - types in the figure. The book had...

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Alan Shirley CEE 3000 Dr. Rosenstein March 10, 2011 Original Figure From Putnam, Robert D. (2000). “Bowling Alone.” Simon and Schuster, p. 227 Revised
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Pictured in Figure 1 is a chart that depicts what percentage of the American population is watching T.V. at certain times in the day and the reason they chose to do so. Justification of Changes The “Original Figure 59” came from a book called “Bowling Alone” and quite obviously violates the principles of good data display. Upon reviewing the “Revised Figure 1”, you will find several revisions that make the visual easier to understand. The first apparent flaw was it being 3 Dimensional. There was no need for this because the data was 2 Dimensional and putting it in the 3 rd Dimension just confuses the viewer as to the scale. Another flaw is the problems associated with a black and white. Because of the lack of color, some viewers may find it difficult to distinguish between the certain data
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Unformatted text preview: types in the figure. The book had very little in the form of introduction and explanation to the chart so in the revision an explanation was included to help the reader understand its purpose a better. Also in the original chart the scale stopped at 90 percent, since the chart was out of 100 percent, it needs to go to 100 percent. Finally, the main title and other titles needed to be revised because they were either too formal or too vague and ambiguous. The title was changed to better reflect the purpose of the graph. Go to Bed didnt make sense so it was changed it to Before Bed. The key information was changed because the word Mainly was too vague so it was taken out, also just Background may have been too uncertain for some readers so it was changed it to Background Noise....
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CEE 3000 March 10, 2011 - types in the figure. The book had...

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