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CEE2300HW6 help - CEE2300B Konstantinidis Homework 3 Name...

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_________________________________________ Due date: Wednesday, April 28 th ; Each question/problem is 10 points. 1. Compare and contrast the processes of nitrification and denitrification with respect to the organisms involved, the environmental conditions that favor each process and the changes in nutrient availability that accompany each process. A table would be good. Nitrification - electron acceptor is oxygen, electron donor is ammonia; organisms- nitrifiers and nitrosifiers; aerobic conditions; converts ammonia to nitrate. Good for wastewater treatment if coupled with denitrification; bad for soil (because the nitrate leaches). Denitrification - electron acceptor is nitrate or nitrite; denitrifiers- many genera; anoxic conditions; organic electron donor usually; converts nitrate/ nitrite to Nitrogen. Removes nitrogen from soil; good for wastewater; bad for farmers. 2. What physical and chemical conditions are necessary for the rapid microbial degradation of oil in aquatic environments? Physical- dispersion, exposure to air, emulsion Chemical- nitrogen and phosphorous, oxygen, microbes present. 3. Bacteria mineralize toxic organic compounds and provide the basis for bioremediation. Essentially they bring toxic synthetic chemicals back into the carbon cycle. Explore the biodegradation database at http://umbbd.msi.umn.edu/ . Sketch the two biodegradation pathways for nitrobenzene all the way to carbon dioxide (chemical structures- click on “graphic”; link to KEGG where necessary; draw Krebs cycle as a simple black box) and the pathway for one other toxic chemical that interests you. Various answers will be fine as long as they display the chemical structures and not just
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CEE2300HW6 help - CEE2300B Konstantinidis Homework 3 Name...

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