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Exam 2 -CEE 2300 Spring 2009: Closed Book / Closed Notes Van Leer W200 Problem 1 (25 points) Answer the following questions in clear and concise sentences. Each question is worth 5 points a. Name the key components needed to form stratospheric ozone. b. For complete, stoichiometric combustion of octane (C 8 H 18 ) how many moles of CO 2 are emitted per mole of fuel burned? c. Explain the relationship between future global energy consumption and countries that are currently classified as developing? d. Explain why adding CO 2 to the atmosphere should result in atmospheric warming e. What is the estimated global temperature increase over the next 100 years due to greenhouse gases and related pollutants?
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Problem 2 (25 points) Given: As a consulting engineer you are tasked with estimating the amount of elemental lead (Pb) that a company emits into a lake. By carefully studying Pb sources to the lake you have found that besides the factory emissions of Pb directly into the lake the other important mass balance factors are a river that flows into the lake,
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Exam2_CEE2300_Spring_2009_help - Exam 2-CEE 2300 Spring...

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