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bio notes1 - Strong Bonds:Ionic Covalent Polar Covalent.How...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-30-10Strong Bonds:Ionic, Covalent, Polar Covalent.How do bongs infuence the polarity oF a molecule:•Molecules which contain ionic bonds will be polar•Molecules which contain polar covalent bonds will be polar. (with just a Few exceptions)•Molecules which contain covalent bonds will be non-polarWhat determines the number and type oF chemical bonds:•Electronegativity = measure oF the attraction an atom has For electrons•Electronegativity is a measure oF the tendency oF an atom to attract a bonding pair oF electronsWeak Bonds:Bonds which are not involved in making a substance.Hydrogen Bonds:•Weak attractions between atoms on diFFerent molecules oF diFFerent parts oF a large molecule•Occur between molecules that have polar covalent ionic bonds•Always involve HydrogenMolecules & Compounds:•Compounds = a substance consisting oF two or more diFFerent atoms, in speci¡c proportions, bonded together in a speci¡c pattern.•Molecule = the smallest unit oF a compound that retains all oF the properties oF that compoundMolecular ¢ormulasWaterH 2 0Carbon DioxideCO2GlucoseC6H2O6Isomers:•Molecules wit the same molecular Formula, but a diFFerent arrangement oF atomsMolecular Weight:•The sum oF the atomic masses For all oF the atoms in a molecule•H2O = (1*2) + 16 = 18 daltons•CO2=44•C12H22O11=342•Insulin = c254H377N65O75S6=5727Gram Molecular Weight:•The mass of a substance equal to its molecular weight in grams•Contains a constant number of molecules•Avogadroʼs Number of molecules = 6.022*10^23•18 grams of water has the same number of molecules as...•____grams of CO2Moles and Molar Concentrations:•1 Mole = the mass of a substance equal to its gram molecular weight•1 molar solutions = a solution containing 1 mole of a substance per 1 liter of solution9-1-10 (pre-read 77-91)Properties of Water•Cohesive (stick to each other) and Adhesive (stick to other things)•HIgh SpeciFc heat (lot of energy to make water change temperature) (you have to...
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bio notes1 - Strong Bonds:Ionic Covalent Polar Covalent.How...

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