Chapter 02 IM - Systems Analysis and Design, Sixth Edition...

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Systems Analysis and Design, Sixth Edition Page 1 of 19 Systems Analysis and Design Sixth Edition Instructor’s Manual CHAPTER TWO Analyzing the Business Case OBJECTIVES When students finish this chapter, they will be able to: Explain the concept of a business case and how a business case affects an IT project Describe the strategic planning process and why it is important to the IT team Explain the purpose of a mission statement Describe the SDLC, and explain how it serves as a framework for systems development and business modeling Describe risks and risk management features List the reasons for information systems projects and the factors that affect such projects Explain the initial review of systems requests and the role of the systems review committee Define operational feasibility, technical feasibility, economic feasibility, and schedule feasibility Describe the steps in a preliminary investigation and the end product of an investigation Instructor Notes Phase 1: Systems Planning, 43 LECTURE NOTES Briefly describe the systems planning phase of the SDLC. During the planning phase: Project requests are reviewed and approved Project requests are prioritized Resources, such as money, people, and equipment, are allocated Project development teams are formed Summarize an analyst’s tasks during this phase. Mention the Main Topic of Chapter 2, the Deliverable, and the Toolkit Support. Introduction, 44 LECTURE NOTES Define business case . Explain that to analyze a business case, a company’s strategic plans must be considered. Tell how systems development typically starts. Present the Chapter Introduction Case: Mountain View College Bookstore on page 45. This introduction case sets up the material developed in the chapter. Review the background, participants, project status, and discussion topics for the case. Discuss Figure 2-1.
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Page 2 of 19 Chapter 2, Analyzing the Business Case CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES Consider assigning students to each role in the Chapter Introduction Case: Mountain View College Bookstore on page 45 and having them enact the case dialogue. QUICK QUIZZES Assign Review Question 1 on page 75. Strategic planning – A framework for IT systems development, 46 LECTURE NOTES Describe strategic planning . Emphasize that strategic planning focuses on a company’s long- range direction. During strategic planning, company executives determine where the company is now, where they want the company to be, and what they have to do to get there. Strategic planning is critical – once a strategic plan is set, it drives all of a company’s processes. PROJECTS TO ASSIGN As an extra-credit assignment, have students locate and print the mission statements of companies in which they are interested. Strategic planning overview, 48
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Chapter 02 IM - Systems Analysis and Design, Sixth Edition...

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