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Systems Analysis and Design, Sixth Edition Page 1 of 9 Systems Analysis and Design Sixth Edition Instructor’s Manual SYSTEMS ANALYST’S TOOLKIT PART ONE Communication Tools OBJECTIVES When students finish this part of the Toolkit, they will be able to: List the guidelines for successful communications Explain the importance of effective letters, memos, and e-mail communication Explain how to measure the readability of written material Describe the organization of written reports that are required during the SDLC and explain each report section List the guidelines for effective oral communication Organize and plan an oral presentation Use speaking techniques to achieve your objectives INSTRUCTOR NOTES The Systems Analyst’s Toolkit presents a valuable set of cross-phase skills and knowledge that you can use throughout the systems development process. The Toolkit is divided into six parts: Part 1 discusses communication tools that help people write clearly, speak effectively, and deliver powerful presentations. Part 2 describes CASE tools that can use be used to design, construct, and document an information system. Part 3 demonstrates financial analysis tools that can be used to measure project feasibility, develop accurate cost-benefit estimates, and make sound decisions. Part 4 explains project management tools that can help organize, plan, and manage IT projects to a successful conclusion. Part 5 describes object-oriented tools that can be used to represent and model an information system. Part 6 explains Internet resource tools that can be used to locate information, obtain reference material, and monitor IT trends and developments. Students can begin using these tools at any point in the course, as early as Chapter 1. You can assign specific sections of the Toolkit, including the Review Questions, Discussion Topics, and Projects at the end of each Toolkit Part, just as you would do with a chapter. You can support the Toolkit text with additional material, explanations, or demonstrations as necessary. The Toolkit offers examples of how systems analysts use spreadsheet and presentation graphics
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2 Chapter 1: Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design software. These examples would be particularly valuable if you give additional assignments and your students have access to similar software. It is suggested that students do a brief presentation at the end of the preliminary investigation in Chapter 2, and you might want to assign additional presentations after each SDLC phase or milestone. A group presentation at the end of the system development cycle also would be valuable, especially if students have worked together on various phases of the case study. Preparing for these presentations will help students build confidence and gain experience in a
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Toolkit 1 IM - Systems Analysis and Design Sixth Edition...

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