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Chapter 04 TF - is insufficient to produce the desired...

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Systems Analysis & Design, 6 th Edition bd5e0843661663624fc49bfb0889bee35d665372.doc Page 1 of 1 Name _________________________ Date ___________ Systems Analysis & Design Chapter 4 – True/False Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. T F 1. A data flow diagram uses various symbols to show how the system transforms input data into useful information. T F 2. A logical model shows how the system will be constructed. T F 3. A popular symbol set you can use when creating DFDs is the Yourdon symbol set. T F 4. A set of DFDs provides a logical model of what a system does, not how it does it. T F 5. A gray hole is a process that has at least one input and output, but the input
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Unformatted text preview: is insufficient to produce the desired output. T F 6. DFD entities are also called exterminators. T F 7. A Diagram 0 doesn’t show any process or data flows, it’s used more as a title or introductory page. T F 8. When you explode a DFD, the higher-level diagram is called the parent diagram. T F 9. Balancing maintains consistency among a set of DFDs by insuring that input and output data flows align properly. T F 10. A decision table shows a logical structure, with all possible combinations of conditions and resulting actions....
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