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Systems Analysis and Design, 6 th Edition Chapter 05 SA.doc Page 1 of 1 Name ____________________________ Date ___________________ Instructions: Fill in the best answer. 1. The term SIIA stands for_______________ and is an industry group that focuses on the digital economy. 2. _______________ is the transfer of information systems development, operation, or maintenance to an outside firm that provides these services. 3. The term ASP stands for_______________ and is a firm that delivers a software application, or access to an application and charges a subscription fee. 4. A(n) _______________ utilizes standard business software which has been configured in a specific manner to enhance user productivity.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. _______________ is a percentage rate that compares the total net benefits received from a project to the total cost of a project. 6. A(n) _______________ is a document that describes your company, lists the IT services or products you need, and specifies features that you require. 7. A(n) _______________ model is a technique that uses a common yardstick to measure and compare vendor ratings. 8. A(n) _______________ test measures the time a package takes to process a certain number of transactions. 9. _______________ produces a full-featured, working model of an information system. 10. The term ANSI stands for _______________....
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