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Chapter 08 TF - performs only one function of a server T F...

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Systems Analysis and Design, 6 th Edition c5abc59a92b85661d31a7d0a9913a61cf3235661.doc Page 1 of 1 Name _________________________ Date ___________ Systems Analysis & Design Chapter 8 – True/False Instructions: Circle T if the statement is true or F if the statement is false. T F 1. An information system includes interface programs that handle input, manage the processing logic, and provide the required output. T F 2. Legacy systems are older systems that typically run on mainframe computers. T F 3. A client is a computer that supplies data, processing services or other support to one or more computers, called servers. T F 4. When an individual user works in stand-alone mode, the workstation
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Unformatted text preview: performs only one function of a server. T F 5. A thin client design locates all or most of the processing logic at the server. T F 6. A network is an entrance to a multifunction Web site. T F 7. An online system handles transactions when and where they occur and provides output directly to users. T F 8. A star network has a central computer with network devices connected to it. T F 9. A bus network resembles a circle of computers that communicate with each other. T F 10. Backup refers to copying data continuously, or at prescribed intervals....
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