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Chapter 03_Thompson_Packaging - Thompson Packaging Chapter...

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Thompson Packaging Chapter 3 Thompson Packaging is an established business providing custom packaging to various industries. Only a few computerized operations are in the business. In an effort to become more efficient and profitable, the vice- president, Julia Thompson, has hired a systems analyst, Robert Hanover. Background Director Julia and Robert have made progress in the development of a strategic plan for Thompson Packaging. Robert is anxious to define the requirements for the new system He has gathered more information and has created the following organizational chart for Thompson Packaging. Robert: Julia, it’s time to start moving on the system investigation. The mission statement is finalized and strategic planning is well underway. I can see that the directors are beginning to think about how their departments can benefit from better information management. Julia: You’re right! John McClean found out that we lost a big order the other day because the customer was able to get the estimate much more quickly from a company in the Midwest because of their online presence. George Thompson
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Chapter 03_Thompson_Packaging - Thompson Packaging Chapter...

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