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Thompson Packaging Chapter 3 Solutions 1. In a preliminary systems investigation, one step is to perform fact finding. Robert will need to interview the staff at Thompson Packaging. In preparation for the interviews, Robert will compile a list of questions. Review the case details provided up to now, select three staff members in addition to John McClean and prepare a list of open-ended questions that will encourage the generation of ideas and opportunities for improvement. Answers may vary. Below are several key staff members and the reasoning for their selection. George Thompson, president — While George has stepped back to allow Julia to manage this project, he should be included because of his breadth of knowledge about the business. Julia Thompson, vice president — Julia has done research and has an idea about the direction in which she wants to proceed. She can provide detail and context for material gathered from other interviews. Dennis Martin, director of operations — This director has the responsibility to manage the production departments as well as shipping and receiving. His input is vital for the management of information from these areas, particularly about the link between the existing Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) system and a new IS.
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Chapter 03_Thompson_Packaging_Solution - Thompson Packaging...

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