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Chapter 04_Shorecliff_College_Solution

Chapter 04_Shorecliff_College_Solution - Update Inform...

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Shorecliff College Chapter 4 Solutions 1. Prepare a context diagram for the new system. Answers will vary. A sample context diagram follows: 0 Listing System Private Landlords Renters Housing Staff New Listings Request Results Listing Availability Updates Listing Updates College Listing Updates New College Listings Listing Requests Confirm Updates Confirm Updates 2. Prepare a diagram 0 DFD for the new system. Results will vary – one possibility follows:
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1 Add New L isting 2 Upda te E x isting L isting Ho using Sta ff Clients D1 L isting B inders Priva te L a ndlo rds Listing inform ation List ing I nform ation Update Inform ation
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Unformatted text preview: Update Inform ation -college Confirm Updates Listing Updates 4 Sea rch L isting s New Listings Confirm Updates Listing A vailability Updates Listing Requests Request Results S earch Param eters S earch Results 3. Write a brief memo that explains the importance of leveling and balancing a set of DFDs Answers should capture the main points in the chapter, leveling by adding increasing detail until all functional primitives are identified, and balancing to insure that input and output data flows align properly across all diagrams....
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Chapter 04_Shorecliff_College_Solution - Update Inform...

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