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Chapter 05_Shorecliff_College - Shorecliff College Chapter...

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Shorecliff College Chapter 5 Shorecliff College is a liberal arts college located on the West Coast. You are the systems analyst assigned from the college IT department to conduct the systems analysis phase of the development of a new listing system for the school’s housing office. Background Based on your earlier recommendations, the housing office decided to continue the systems development process for a new listing system. Now, at the end of the systems analysis phase, you are ready to prepare a system requirements document and give a presentation to the housing office. You must examine tangible costs and benefits to determine the economic feasibility of several alternatives. If the housing office decides to go ahead with the development process, the system either can be developed in-house or a vertical package can be purchased and configured to meet the needs of the office. Housing listings are created by an employee at the housing office. While the demands on her time vary throughout the year, based on previous work logs kept by employees in the office you determine that the time spent maintaining the manual system (creating listing sheets for the various binders, copying, and filing listings in binders) by this employee works out to an average of 25 hours of overtime per month. This employee is paid $22/hour, including overhead. Housing listings are pulled throughout the month, and all listings are reviewed once a
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Chapter 05_Shorecliff_College - Shorecliff College Chapter...

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