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Chapter 06_Ashtown_Public_Library

Chapter 06_Ashtown_Public_Library - information(amount of...

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Ashtown Public Library Chapter 6 Ashtown Public Library computerized their checkout system a few years ago. Patron requests for holds or interlibrary loans, however, still are done at the circulation desk, and patrons still use the card catalogs to look up call numbers for books. The library received funds to add patron computers that would facilitate patrons personally carrying out these functions online. You are part of the team hired to add this new functionality to the existing system. Assignments: 1. Create a switchboard design with control buttons that lead to screens for holds, interlibrary loans, book searches, and patron information (books out, fines due, etc.). 2. The library would like patrons to be able to create a report that lists all items they have checked out, any holds they have placed, and any fines due. Design the report to include patron name, library card number, author and title of any books checked out, due dates, author and title of any books currently on hold, and fine
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Unformatted text preview: information (amount of fine, item fine was levied for, total fines). 3. The library would like patrons to be able to create a “Reading List” that contains books that they would like to check out in the future. The list would be populated by either the patron entering the data directly, or choosing an “add to list” option from the results of a book search. Create an input screen for patrons to use to add entries manually to their reading list. The screen should include relevant book information such as title, author and call number, a notes section for each book to allow patrons to write a brief note about the entry, and some method of checking availability of entries on the reading list and placing a hold. 4. One of the library employees is concerned about the privacy of patrons and wants to know how this user system can be set up to protect people’s information. Give a brief description of safeguards that could be implemented to address these concerns....
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