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Preventive Dentistry Associates Chapter 8 You have been working on a new information system for a dental practice that is making the move from a totally manual system to a technology-based one. At this point, Preventive Dentistry Associates has accepted your interface, output, input, and data designs and your recommendation to install a server and three personal computers as clients on a local area network. The network will include a backup unit, a laser printer, and an impact printer that will be accessible by any of the three PCs. Microsoft Access will be used to develop the systems for handling appointments, patient records, and billing. Now you will determine system architecture for Preventive Dentistry Associates. Assignments: 1. Should the Preventive Dentistry Associates system be based on file-server or
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Unformatted text preview: client/server architecture? Prepare a checklist that includes the main topics and issues that should be considered when making this decision. 2. The clients have asked you to speak specifically to the cost-benefit issues of file-server and client/server designs. Prepare a memo discussing the cost-benefit issues in this situation, and how much of an impact, if any, you think they would have on this size system. 3. What are your recommendations for backup and disaster recovery for the new system? Include specific software recommendations based on research that you do online. 4. Prepare an outline for a system design specification and describe the contents of each section....
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