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Chapter 08_PDA_Solution

Chapter 08_PDA_Solution - Preventive Dentistry Associates...

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Preventive Dentistry Associates Chapter 8 Solutions 1. Should the Preventive Dentistry Associates system be based on file-server or client/server architecture? Prepare a checklist that includes the main topics and issues that should be considered when making this decision. Based on the facts presented, one might expect a recommendation for a client/server architecture. Students might base their recommendation on the following advantages of a client/server design: Network loads are reduced — only information requested is sent to the client, and everything else remains on the server Faster performance due to less network traffic More flexibility and support for changing business operations Easily upgradeable Lower initial cost Lower maintenance costs Students who choose a file-server architecture also should speak to the main points of network loads, performance, flexibility and support, upgrades, and initial and ongoing costs.
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